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Software Development Methodologies

Traditional vs Adaptive

There are several methodologies of software development that have evolved based on set patterns observed over time. 

Some certifications and organizations oversee and update best practices. The best part of software development methodology is that it includes technical aspects and planning the proper development. Many custom software development companies operate different software development methodologies, albeit, tailored to suit their needs. 

Sometimes you must wonder if some of these practices are based on what is best or qualify the very existence of these "standards" organizations. Adaption of standards has the benefit of integration in different environments, platforms as well as teams. However, when bad practices creep in and get codified, you'd see diminishing returns with every adaption. You have to choose a software methodology for good performance and exceptional work; quality and velocity.

We at Tech United try to keep an open mind to traditional approaches while keeping a close eye on the newer trends without throwing out the conventional techniques wholesale. Waterfall, for instance, might have its disadvantages, but it does have the benefit of being better prepared than many of the poorly implemented agile efforts. Few project managers understand how to identify problems in the system and adjust accordingly.

Top Software Methodologies

Do you want to include more structure in your software development system? Then you need to choose the right one for your organization. It relays on the size of the team, goals, and many other factors. Below different "software development methodologies" will allow you to make a good call at a suitable time.

1. Agile Software Development Methodology

With a waterfall and other highly structured methods, agile methodology presents to develop a growing frustration. It'll accommodate the software speed and allow it to work more fastly. Agile is the best software that helps individuals, as it also adds value to any tool. Even it demonstrates working software except for documentation.

2. Extreme Programming 

Through extreme programming, developers can analyze and recognize the customer's user stories. Other operations include organizing and splitting the work into looping. But make sure that the design should be simple, coding and testing often. It'll create fault-free software.

3. Lean Software Development 

Lean is a workflow methodology incorporating principles and applying manufacturing practices in different organizations. No doubt, agile is a unique methodology for practical use. It doesn't contain instructions to scale these practices across the organization and businesses.